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We’ve all experienced the annoyance of leaking sinks, with our constant pitter-patter that can keep you awake all night. Even worse, burst waste-water pipes can cause chaos in your home, especially if the water gets into your bedroom or living room. There is no doubt that the services of a qualified plumber are critical in guaranteeing your peace of mind if such issues arise. Furthermore, such services will remove any potential health risks while also saving money for the family.

As a result, it is necessary to contact a professional plumber since we have the essential expertise and abilities to locate and resolve the source of plumbing issues. If you reside in Durham, NC, White’s Plumbing services are the best option. We take pleasure in providing skilled and timely plumbing services. Whether you have a clogged drain, need faucets installed, or need to repair an old sink, we promise to provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services at reasonable costs to all of its clients.

Why do we need Plumbing Services?

Many people believe that plumbing is simple, yet nothing could be farther from reality. It’s not the type of work that you or anybody else can do. It involves installing and maintaining a wide range of taps, pipelines, valves, washers, and other items. Therefore, it is critical to hire experienced plumbers since we have the necessary abilities and training to complete these tasks correctly. Additionally, we are suggested for:

Efficient Service

When dealing with a severe plumbing issue, it’s critical to employ someone who can solve the problem quickly. For example, if your sink’s tap is leaking to the point that the water is trickling or overflowing, you’ll need to get a professional plumbing expert to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Knowledge and Experience

Professional plumbers have a wealth of expertise and are well-versed in all aspects of plumbing. We are aware of which parts may be employed to resolve any problem. If a particular plumbing item is not readily accessible at a store, we know which components may be substituted for the original.


An essential benefit of choosing expert plumbing services is your safety is free. Many plumbing tasks include devices that conduct vast amounts of electricity and can injure an unskilled plumber severely. Changing a water heater or dealing with a water line are dangerous tasks that trained and skilled professional plumbers should perform.

What Services are offered at White’s Plumbing?

White’s Plumbing provides a diverse range of services, including the following:

Water heater repair

Any homeowner can face a severe problem (not to mention a vast annoyance) if our water heater breaks out. Because White’s Plumbing recognizes the value of your time, we only hire professionals in the field of water heater repair and installation. Our professionals can detect the issue and, in most cases, fix it the same day.

Water heater installation

faucet repair and replacement

Replace a broken water heater that may not have been on your to-do list. But rest assured that the experienced professionals at White’s Plumbing of Durham, NC, will help you in selecting a replacement water heater that will fit both your home and budget and will have it installed as quickly as possible. We can help you decide whether to go with a traditional or tankless system and discuss the cost differences and potential energy savings, so you can be confident that you’re making the best option for your family.

Plumbing for new construction

If you’re building a new home, you’ll need to design your plumbing system carefully. White’s Plumbing provides new construction plumbing services for both unique homes and large neighborhoods. Our expert plumbers have the necessary expertise and technical plumbing knowledge to do the required plumbing work. We’ll collaborate with your contractor to guarantee that the plumbing portion of your project adheres to and exceeds the project’s budget and schedule.

New construction is a large-scale undertaking that incorporates many phases in the construction process: electricians, foundation workers, plumbers, framers, excavators, and finishers all have a role in the entire project. 

Proper Installation is Important

The proper installation of your new construction sewer, drain, and pipes will put the finishing touches on a smooth project. Our services assure you, your family’s, and your home’s safety. You can rest knowing that expert plumbers will adhere to the local plumbing regulations to the letter at every stage of the construction project.

Fixture design Room

When it comes to plumbing fixtures, most people think of the sanitary ware found in bathrooms and kitchens, such as bathtubs, basins, showers, kitchen sinks, faucets, and toilets. While practical, selecting well-made, attractive plumbing fittings for your bathrooms and kitchens allows you to give your houses a distinct visual quality. These plumbing fixtures also promote cleanliness and hygiene. But much more crucial are the necessary

Raleigh Plumbing Showroom

 fixtures, such as waste-water and soil fixtures, that enable the always-on-display fixtures to function effectively.

Leak Repair

The best action plan is to call White’s Plumbing services whenever it comes to water leak repair. Almost all plumbers have expertise in repairing leaks since we have been educated to deal with various pipe and leaking issues. It makes no difference if you want to remedy a single leak in the plumbing system or the entire house. Plumbers are equipped with the expertise and instruments to deal with such problems. A plumber can locate the leak’s source, suggest a course of action, and check for any further leaks or water damage caused by the leak.

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