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We are all familiar with the sound of a sink that continually drips, even when turned off.  While this slow drip may seem like a harmless annoyance, it actually can waste a large amount of water – which runs your water bill up.  But dripping faucets are not the only type of occurrence where your sink may need fixing.

White’s Plumbing LLC services the greater Raleigh, North Carolina area.  If you have an issue with your sink – big or small – give us a call.  We are happy to help you get your sink working like new again.

Fixing the Issue Immediately

There are many reasons why you want to fix a broken sink immediately.  The first of which is the risk of driving up your water bill.  Did you know that your leaking sink can waste up to thirty gallons of water in one day alone?  Wasting that much water over multiple days is a surefire way to make sure you are essentially throwing money down the drain.  Not to mention, if you do not address the issue, the leak could potentially get worse.

Another reason to want to fix a sink right away is that it can cause water damage in your home.  Since pipes are conveniently located in dark hidden areas, it is a perfect breeding ground for mold to grow.  In fact, the water damage may cause the surrounding area to begin to rot.

Sometimes, a problem with your sink might grow so big that it ends up affecting other areas of your home, including other sinks and appliances.

Common Issues with Sinks

Leaking Faucet

leaking sink

One of the most common issues with a sink is the leaking faucet.  The sound of the dripping may be annoying, but the damage it will cause if not addressed is even worse.  Your faucet may leak for a multitude of reasons.  These include:

  • Loose parts
  • Worn out washers
  • Issues with the o-ring

No matter what the issue with the leaking sink is, the experts at White’s Plumbing are sure to find the cause!

Sputtering Sink

sputtering sink can make a pretty big mess when you turn it on.  Soaking everything around you when you turn on the faucet is less than ideal.  If your sink is sputtering, it most likely has to do with air in the pipes.  Unfortunately, this type of issue will not solve itself on its own.  Some of the causes of a sputtering sink in your Raleigh, NC home may include:

  • Clogged aerator 
  • Damaged valve cartridge
  • Faulty water heater
Kitchen Sink Water Running

Lack of Hot Water

It can be frustrating to be continuously waiting for your sink water to turn hot – just to realize that it will not get warm at all.  The thing about a sink that does not get hot water is that it could be an issue as minor as needing to turn a valve under the sink, or it could need major repairs.  Luckily, with the help of a trained professional, you should have your faucets running hot water again in no time!

Brown Sink Water

Although it looks disgusting, your sink water turning brown usually does not have a dangerous cause.  The problem can often be resolved on its own.  Many times, brown sink water is caused by changes in the water table, broken filtration systems, or from nearby construction kicking up particles into the water.  If your home’s water does not clear up within a couple days, you likely will want to call a professional to check out what is going on.

Fast and Affordable Service

Sometimes, finding a plumbing service that is both fast and affordable can be a difficult task.  Luckily, in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, White’s Plumbing LLC is always ready to help!  Not only are we here to make sure your sink is working like new in no time, we also provide prices that are sure to fit within your budget.

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