Why Does My Toilet Leak When Flushed?


It can feel rather alarming when you flush your toilet and suddenly water starts leaking,  Especially when you do not know what caused the leak.  Thankfully, though, these leaks are typically pretty minor issues with easy fixes.  However, some of these issues may not be visible unless the toilet is moved. White’s Plumbing in Youngsville, North Carolina is happy to come and check out your leaking toilet for you.  In the meantime, here are common issues that arise when a toilet leaks after flushing:

Toilet Tank Crack

If you have a crack in your toilet tank, the water will begin to leak out and onto the floor.  To make sure that there are no cracks in the toilet tank, check around the porcelain.  Since the tank holds water between every flush, it makes sense that water would spill out as it begins to refill the tank.  You will want to check inside and outside the tank for cracks. 

The tank is not cracked, the porcelain near the bottom of the toilet itself may also have a crack. You may want to check around the bottom of the toilet to make sure nothing has cracked down there. Unfortunately, if there’s a crack in the porcelain of your toilet, you may need to purchase a new one. 

Loose Tank Nuts/Bolts

Similar to a cracked tank, if the nuts and bolts that hold the tank onto the toilet are not properly installed, it will cause a leak. These nuts and bolts need to be installed properly and tightened in order to ensure that everything stays in place. If they are loose, that allows water to easily escape the tank and leak onto your floor.  Try tightening these nuts and bolts and seeing if the water still leaks the next time you flush.

Clogged Pipe Under Toilet

A clogged toilet seems obvious; usually know when you have a clogged one. However, sometimes the clog does not originate inside the toilet, but in the piping underneath it.  When a pipe under the toilet clogs, it will push the water back up. 

This will cause a leak as the water comes out of the toilet bowl or out of the base of the toilet. However, unless you have a drain snake handy at home, these are not as simple to unclog. You may want to call a plumber, such as White’s Plumbing, to unclog your toilet. 

A Bad Wax Ring

The wax ring provides a seal between the bottom of the toilet and the toilet flange.  The original purpose of this wax ring is to prevent any sewer gases from getting into your home. However, when the wax ring goes bad, not only can sewer gases get into your home, water can also seep up from under the toilet. Another way to know if the wax ring is bad is if the ceiling underneath the toilet begins to leak.  Because the wax ring is underneath the toilet, this may require a plumber to come check your toilet. 

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If you’re having issues with a leaking toilet, White’s Plumbing in Youngsville, North Carolina can help. Sometimes the issue is obvious, while other times it may be hidden.  If you cannot see anything wrong with your leaking toilet, you may want to call a plumber.  Here at White’s, we provide fast plumbing repair for Wake and Franklin Counties.  We can even replace your toilet if necessary. Contact us today with any questions or fill out the form to the right and someone will be in touch with you shortly. We look forward to helping you soon.

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