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If a toilet in your home breaks in some way or another, it may cause you a large amount of stress – especially if you don’t know the root of the problem.  Trying to fix the issue yourself sometimes makes the problem worse.  Luckily, if you are located near the Wake Forest, North Carolina area, White’s Plumbing can help!

What are the Most Common Toilet Repairs?

There are many common toilet problems that require fixing.  Luckily, toilets haven’t changed much in the last century, so we have a fix for anything that may happen to your toilet.  Some of the most common problems are as follows:

Clogged Toilet

A toilet clog will block any water from going down into your pipes.  While these clogs are usually rather obvious, they sometimes occur farther down in the pipes as well.  These hidden clogs may give homeowners some trouble in diagnosing the issue, and also require equipment they may not own.

Running Toilet

There are many reasons why toilets continuously run, most of which point to a problem inside the toilet’s tank.  The issues can include problems with the toilet’s flapper – which lets water into the bowl – or the fill valve.  

Many individuals will try to change the flapper in their toilet, as it seems like an easy fix, but can make the problem worse by accidentally breaking other delicate parts in the tank.  In most cases, it is best to just let a professional fix these issues.

Ghost/Phantom Flushing

Sometimes, a toilet will suddenly sound like it is trying to refill on its own – even though nobody has flushed it.  This often happens when the flapper in the tank has a leak.  Ghost flushing has a similar cause to why a toilet may continuously run, and has a similar fix as well.

However, sometimes the flapper ends up not being the issue.  In that case, the leak comes from elsewhere in the tank.  Our plumbing specialists can easily diagnose the cause of the leak and fix it for you.

Leaking Toilet Seals

A toilet may develop a leak in one of its seals over time.  This may be a result of the seal going bad, or the seal could have not even been installed correctly in the first place.  Some of these seals, such as the wax ring, are located beneath the actual toilet.  Because of this, it is usually a better idea to call a professional to replace these kinds of parts.  Accidents can easily happen, and we do not want your toilet’s porcelain to end up cracked in motion.

Cost of Toilet Repair

The cost of repairing your toilet entirely depends on the issue at hand.  If you require more in-depth servicing, it may cost more than a quick toilet unclogging.  Here at White’s Plumbing, we provide the most fair prices based on our services compared to the national averages.  We aim to keep our customers in the Wake Forest, NC area as satisfied as possible, including in our pricing.

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Here at White’s Plumbing, we are able to provide fast and quality service day or night.  It does not matter if your situation can wait until a scheduled appointment or needs emergency assistance.  White’s will be there to help.  

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